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This is the story of how one rescue pups life changed January 9, 2018 because of rescue volunteers from the organization Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic on the north shore of the Dominican Republic.

It was another sunny day in Luperon, Dominican Republic as volunteers Kim and Sharon drove down the highway towards Sosua taking a rescue dog to the Vet.  Out of the corner of their eye they saw what looked like a dog sitting alone on the porch of an abandoned house.  They pulled over to take a closer look and saw a young puppy alone huddled in the corner.

As they approached it was obvious the young pup was in distress.  Gathering kibble from the van they walked towards the young pup who started to growl.  Kim sat on the porch giving kibble to the dog for an hour to gain the little pups trust, they named her Luvey.  Kim was able to gently pick the pup up seeing that this little one had almost no fur.  At that moment Luvey seemed to know she was safe as she snuggled into Kims neck and relaxed in her arms. 

Three hours later Luvey would be safe at the home of rescue volunteer Kim Watson.  After some much needed nutrition, Luvey was asleep on a comfy dog bed and was covered in a wonderful product called Bag Balm. 

As the days went by, Luvey would howl every time Kim was out of her sight.  Life for this sweet pup would never be the same.  Every day with loving care, Luvey's health improved as she started to eat more and drink clean water.

After several months in care Luvey was finally ready to find her forever family.  Our organization was thrilled to hear that Luvey would be coming into our care March 28th. 


When this sweet girl came into our care she was loving and playful and craved human touch.  She is a smart girl and loved everyone that came to visit.  On April 2nd after only a few days in our care Luvey found her forever family.

Luvey lives in London, Ontario with a wonderful family.

Happy Life Sweet Girl

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