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Dogs Available for Adoption

Maya 272190718_1966013273577009_5869971055226639351_n.jpg


Born: June 2019 *  Female *  Spayed *  20lbs * Unknow Mix Breed


Maya is a sweet little girl that had a rough start to life.  She was living at Lifestyle Resort in Puerto Plata when she was rescued by a guest.  Maya along with her brother, sister and mother were taken to Coconut Hound Haven Sanctuary where they lived until they were able to fly to Canada to find their forever families.


Maya was adopted by a family that had a lot of stress in their lives which Maya picked up on.  The family was very nervous and had people in and out of the home constantly.  They taught Maya come, stay, sit and she even gives high five.  She is food motivated and we would love to find a family with with a strong leader who will continue to build her confidence.


We are looking for a loving home for Maya where she can continue to understand that she is loved and will be part of a family.  Since coming to my home Maya has been a sweet and loving girl showing no aggression towards me, guests in my home or other dogs.  She does growl when she plays and even growls when I rub her ears.  She is a little sweetie and I love her very much.  I want her next family to love her as much as I do.



Maya July 15 2022.jpg
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July 12 2022 2.jpg
July 12 2022 3.jpg


Zelda 4 July 2022.jpg
zelda 1 july 2022.jpg
Zelda July 22 2022 a.jpg
Zelda 3 July 2022.jpg
Zelda 6 July 2022.jpg


Born: January 30/22  * Female  * Spayed  * 12lbs  * Unknow Mixed Breed

Food: 1 cup of Fromm kibble twice a day with a few tablespoons full of Acana or Orjen canned food. She likes the kibble mixed with the wet food, doesn’t love kibble plain. She eats with my other dogs, and they do well together. She has shown no food aggression 

Zelda is a sweet young girl that has had a rough start to life. She wants to trust people, but she has not enough life experience yet to know that most people around her are good. She is working on trusting new people, surroundings and experiences. She barks when she’s nervous around people, but this will likely go away as she gets older and learns to trust more.  Her level of barking has already decreased significantly in the two weeks I’ve had her. She has not shown any signs of fear aggression, but I wouldn’t necessarily throw her into a new situation and have many different people trying to grab her/ touch her. Zelda would do very well in a home with another dog as she looks to her fellow canines for guidance and support. When she is scared or uncertain of what to do in the situation, she relies on her fellow canines to lead her through. For example, she’s afraid of new people touching her, but if one of my dogs goes up to that person, she stops barking and will slowly approach. Having other dogs around definitely helps build her confidence. She does not seem to be alpha at all and takes cues from my other dogs very well. Zelda loves the safety of a backyard. She is still afraid of going for walks, so she needs to be with a family that has a backyard where she can do her business. I’m sure she will learn to love going for walks and going to the park, but it will take time and patience. She shakes like crazy when she goes outside the front of the house, and cars really scare her when they pass by. But again, I think all this fear will lesson overtime and with small exposure. I have been potty training her, but the diligence should continue so that her training does not regress. she has been going out every couple hours and seems to pee on the command “make a pee”. She has been rewarded for doing her business outside, and I believe this should continue. She usually poops 2 to 3 times a day. She needs to be given time outside to do what she needs to do, because she gets distracted by leaves and sticks. So far, she has free reign of the main floor of my house because she has earned it. I keep a close eye on her everywhere else in relation to potty accidents. If you don’t take her out often enough or wait for her to do both, she will have an accident - but that’s to be expected of puppies 

Zelda, at this moment, is an extremely high flight risk. She runs away when she is nervous and should not be let off leash. She is extremely fast, and nobody will be able to catch her, not to mention chasing her scares her immensely I have been using a double leash system (collar and harness). She has slipped out of two harnesses already. She is extremely fast and slippery/squirmy. She should not be chased. And she should not be trusted outside unless she is fully fenced in. As i mentioned she loves a good backyard because she gets to experience the outdoors with some safety and comfort. Zelda now uses her crate as a homebase for safety. We worked on crate training for over a week now she loves it. Her crate is open during the day. At nighttime, after her last potty break of the night, she goes in her crate with a treat, and I cover just the roof of the crate and say good night. She does well in her crate overnight, if she is with the other dogs. If she is separated from them, she seems to cry. She now, with me, wants to be out of the crate and with the others so she doesn’t go in it much and it can be hard to get back in. But if she’s scared, she uses it so it’s great to have. It’s also good for bedtime and for preventing potty accidents since we are still working on that. The last party of the night is usually around 11 PM, and she needs to be let out by 7 AM. I usually carry her to the backyard to prevent any accidents. Zelda would do well in a home with adults (or older children/dog savvy children). She finds toddlers a bit unpredictable and can get nervous, although I don’t think anything would happen. She’s done very well with my toddler and has adjusted. She’s warned her a couple times to back off and my kid listened, so they have a good relationship. Overall, she needs someone who has the time and patience to teach her all the wonderful things this world has to offer.  Once she trusts you, she is an absolute doll. Loves to play, will snuggle with you and just follow you around everywhere. She seems to enjoy playing in my daughters water table, so she might enjoy a small doggie pool, or even the water when she gets more comfortable. 


Ford 1.jpg
DCDR FORD Male Dece,ber 2021.png



Born: __________  * Male  * Neutered  * 28lbs  * Unknow Mixed Breed

Ford is a sweet boy who is quite shy and unsure of himself.  Ford and his brother were thrown over a wall and into the yard of the Founder of the rescue.  The two pups were taken to the sanctuary where they waited until it was their turn to come to Canada to find their forever family.

Ford is neutered, up to date on his vaccination, microchipped and house trained.  He sleeps on the couch and sometime at the end of my bed.  I feel bad for him, when I turn his head to pet him he becomes very stiff and scared.  Ford is very gentle and has shown no aggression at all.  He will now come in the house when called and for the first time this week he jumped up on the couch while I was sitting on the other couch.

We are looking for home that understands he is nervous and will be willing to continue to help build his confidence to become the dog we all know he can be. 



julietta 4.jpg
julietta 1.jpg




Born: July 2019  * Female  * Spayed  * 24lbs  * Unknow Mixed Breed

Julietta was found at Lifestyle Resort in Puerto Plata along with her sister, brother and mother.  She was the most traumatized little one and she would not go near anyone for several months.  After months of spending time with her, Julietta was still stuck and fearful of all humans.  I decided to bring her to Canada to see if I could help her.

After being with me for two years she would finally sit on the couch beside me.  Julietta even started jumping up on my bed a night time but any time I would move she would bolt.  After a few months she seemed to trust me a little more and didn't take off when I moved.  Now it was time to touch her while she was sleeping with me.  Another few months of trying and she was finally comfortable enough to let me touch her while she was in bed.

Julietta has been been with me almost 3 years and I now feel comfortable posting her for adoption to the right family.  I am looking for a family that has so much love to give that Julietta just wont be able to refuse you.  Your home should not be extremely busy and family and friends must understand they will have to let Julietta come to them.  The good thing is Julietta is food motivated and absolutely loves dried liver.

My sweet girl may never be the dogs is loves and is comfortable with everyone she meets. Her family must understand this.  If you are looking for a dog that will love you more than life itself this may be your furbaby.  I think Julietta will pick her new family.  She will have as much time as she needs in my home and unless she picks you, she will be my girl.

Julietta will go in her crate when asked and sleeps through the night.  She gets along with other dogs but does get a little jealous if other dogs want to cuddle with me.  


julietta 6.jpg
julietta 3.jpg
julietta 5.jpg
julietta 2.jpg


martina face.jpg
July 12 2022 3.jpg




Born: April 20, 2021  * Female  * Spayed  * 48lbs  * Unknow Mixed Breed

Martina (aka Marti) is a big baby and an absolutely adorable girl who loves everyone.   She gets along with other dogs and has loved every person she has met.  Martina has not been tested with cats and because of her size we recommend no young children.

Martina will be spayed August 11th.  She is up to date on her vaccinations, microchipped, crate trained and house trained.  She has an absolutely beautiful short coat and does not seem to shed much.  Martina enjoys chasing birds and seems to have a prey drive so we recommend no cats or small animals that are allowed to roam free in the home.  She is a good watch dog and will let you know if someone walks up the driveway.  She responds well to a beep bark collar also.

Martina's mom was found in a vacant lot.  She had started to give birth and one of the babies got stuck.  It was obvious that a much larger dog had impregnated her.  She was rushed to the Vet and a C-Section was done to save her and the puppies.  We sponsored all the puppies and mom, brought them to Canada and found them all homes.  Martina is the last of the puppies to arrive in Canada.  


marina laying on floor.jpg
Martina Aug 29 2021 info.jpg
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