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Dogs Available for Adoption

ASHLEY  Female 22lbs

Bola Mama Grace PBAF December 2021.jpg

SANA  Female  23lbs

Ford 1.jpg




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The dogs pictured here are available for adoption and are currently in the Dominican Republic.  Seven dogs, Sana, Reddington, Bola (Mama Grace), Winnie, Roma, Ginger and Ford, will be arriving in Toronto the first week of March 2022 and are available for adoption.

(Roma has been adopted)  



If you would like to adopt one of the posted dogs please fill out an application form and send it in.  


  Once flights continue we will be working with our protector in Cuba to set up a Kennel Sanctuary to house pregnant dogs and others in need of help.  Our protector currently has 50 dogs available for adoption.


With our mission statement in mind, our rescue partners strive to provide each of our rescue puppies and dogs with the best possible medical care available.  While every effort is made to accurately describe the puppy/dog, many times he/she was found alone on the street with an unknown history.  The anticipated size and breed is a guesstimate only.  When you adopt one of our dogs there will be an adjustment time for the dog.  He/She may be nervous and require time to decompress.  If you are unable or unwilling to work with a dog, give them weeks if not months to fit in with your family, please make this clear before adopting.  Many times our dogs are crate and house trained, or house training is ongoing while under our care but will require time to adjust to a new home and get into a routine.

The adoption fee is put towards the cost for the vaccinations, examination, microchip, blood work, stool sample, flea and tick medication, health certificate, air fare, inspection at Toronto Pearson Airport by a Canadian Food Inspection Agency Vet and all other costs to bring your new puppy to Canada.  The fee does not fully cover all costs, donations appreciated. 

All dogs have blood work done at our Vet in Georgetown, ON.  Testing is for Lyme Disease, Heart Worm, Erlichiosis and Anaplasmosis.   Dogs are dewormed with Interceptor and receive Nexgard when appropriate.

Donations graciously accepted.   



The procedure to adopt one of our dogs/puppies starts with completion of the adoption application form.  Once the adoption application form has been received, you will be contacted if you have been approved to adopt one of our furbabies.  Due to Covid our procedure to adopt has changed.  Adopted dogs can be picked up at Pearson Airport or at the foster home.  Blood work and an examination can be done at our Vet in Georgetown, ON.  If you choose not to have this done at our Vet, you will be responsible for any and all costs to go to another Vet.    Please read the adoption application thoroughly and reach out with any questions.  

The information provided on each dog as to their training level and personality has been determined by their behavior while in foster care.  When a dog joins you family please understand there is normally a decompression period where it is important to continue with the house and crate training and getting your new pet into a routine.  The dog is in new surroundings with new people and it will take time for them to adjust again into a routine of crate and house training and loving your family.

If your application is not reflective of a suitable home for the specific dog/puppy requested, I will contact you and where possible to suggest other dogs that might be a better match. 

Once you adopt a dog there is no refund of the adoption fee under any circumstance.  

If you are unable to care for the dog at any time in the future, he/she must be returned to LMM Puppy Rescue.

Dogs on this page that say Available for Adoption are dogs that are currently in the country and available for immediate adoption. 


The other dogs are in the Dominican Republic and awaiting a travel companion to accompany them to Canada. 


If you are traveling to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic via Air Transat or WestJet please reach out to us.  We often have humanitarian donations to send to our friends in the Dominican Republic.  There is no cost to you. 

If you would like to apply for one of our puppies please email the completed form to  :