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Mama Grace


Born October 30, 2020


Weight 23lbs


Up To Date On Vaccinations

Crate and House Trained

Blood Work 4DX 

mama grace PBAF Dec 2021.jpg

Arriving Toronto March 5, 2022

PBAF Bola Female January 19 2022.jpg

Grace was found living on the street with her new born babies in a construction site. Some creep had cut her tail off with a machete and it was infected and full of screw worms.  This sweet girl came right to rescue volunteers as if she knew they were there to help her.  Grace had 4 beautiful and healthy babies.

Grace is a sweet, laid back little lady who gets along with other dogs  and loves people.  She has been calm around kids and has not been exposed to cats.

She is absolutely adorable.  When I ask her to go in her crate at night she goes down to her room and lays on the floor by her crate showing her belly.  She makes me laugh and all she wants is a family of her own.  Grace does not need to be walked, she is very happy just hanging out in the backyard.  

PBAF Bola Female Tail January 19 2022.jpg
Bola babies 2.jpg
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