Born June 20, 2020

Unknown Mix Breed

Up to date on vaccinations


Arriving in Canada Nov.14

kane aug 27 4.jpg

Hi Everyone my name is Kane and i live in the Dominican Republic at the animal sanctuary.  I am a typical puppy who loves to play and get cuddles.


Once I am adopted I will be put on the travel companion list and wait my turn to fly to Canada.

My mom is named Eartha and she is an unknown mix breed.  My mom weighs 26lbs, is pure white and a real sweet girl.  I don't know my dad because my mom lived on the street when she got pregnant.

When my mom was pregnant she went to live at the sanctuary with a real nice lady and a bunch of other dogs.  That's where I was born and still live.

eartha 5.jpg



kane aug 27 3.jpg
kane aug 27 2.jpg
kane aug 27 5.jpg